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The first of a new mystery series featuring Winston Churchill and King George V: an intriguing departure for bestselling children‰۪s author Jim Eldridge.

London, 1921. Prominent Cabinet minister Lord Amersham has been shot dead outside his Regents Park home, two bullets to the chest and one to the forehead. The killing bears the hallmarks of a professional hit.

Tackling one of the most high-profile cases Scotland Yard has ever faced, DCI Paul Stark is under pressure to produce a quick result. Amersham‰۪s colleague, Secretary of State for the Colonies Winston Churchill, is convinced the Bolsheviks are responsible. Stark‰۪s colleagues at Special Branch believe there‰۪s a connection to the Government talks taking place over Irish Home Rule. Or could the motive be connected to Lord Amersham‰۪s scandalous private life?

Then there is a second murder, once again committed by an expert marksman at close range - and the case takes a terrifying new twist . . .

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