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Bible and Sword : England and Palestine from the Bronze Age to Balfour

Baker & Taylor

Bible and Sword : England and Palestine from the Bronze Age to Balfour

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From Barbara W. Tuchman, Pulitzer Prize‰ÛÒwinning author of The Guns of August, comes history through a wide-angle lens: a fascinating chronicle of Britain‰_s long relationship with Palestine and the Middle East, from the ancient world to the twentieth century.

Historically, the British were drawn to the Holy Land for two major reasons: first, to translate the Bible into English and, later, to control the road to India and access to the oil of the Middle East. With the lucidity and vividness that characterize all her work, Barbara W. Tuchman follows these twin spiritual and imperial motives‰ÛÓthe Bible and the sword‰ÛÓto their seemingly inevitable endpoint, when Britain conquered Palestine at the conclusion of World War I. At that moment, in a gesture of significance and solemnity, the Balfour Declaration of 1917 established a British-sponsored mandate for a national home for the Jewish people. Throughout this characteristically vivid account, Tuchman demonstrates that the seeds of conflict were planted in the Middle East long before the official founding of the modern state of Israel.

Praise for Bible and Sword

‰ÛÏTuchman is a wise and witty writer, a shrewd observer with a lively command of high drama.‰_‰ÛÓThe Philadelphia Inquirer

‰ÛÏIn her m_tier as a narrative popular historical writer, Barbara Tuchman is supreme.‰_‰ÛÓChicago Sun-Times