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Bottom's Dream

Bottom's Dream

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‰ÛÏI have had a dream past the wit of man to say what dream it was,‰۝ says Bottom. ‰ÛÏI have had a dream, and I wrote a Big Book about it,‰۝ Arno Schmidt might have said. Schmidt‰۪s rare vision is a journey into many literary worlds. First and foremost it is about Edgar Allan Poe, or perhaps it is language itself that plays that lead role; and it is certainly about sex in its many Freudian disguises, but about love as well, whether fragile and unfulfilled or crude and wedded. As befits a dream upon a heath populated by elemental spirits, the shapes and figures are protean, its protagonists suddenly transformed into trees, horses, and demigods. In a single day, from one midsummer dawn to a fiery second, Dan and Franzisca, Wilma and Paul explore the labyrinths of literary creation and of their own dreams and desires.

Since its publication in 1970 Zettel‰۪s Traum/Bottom‰۪s Dream has been regarded as Arno Schimdt‰۪s magnum opus, as the definitive work of a titan of postwar German literature. Readers are now invited to explore its verbally provocative landscape in an English translation by John E. Woods.

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