Love Satisfies : How to have infinite male multiple orgasms (Dry Orgas – Bodhi Tree
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Love Satisfies : How to have infinite male multiple orgasms (Dry Orgasms, Energy Orgasms, and Tantric Sex)

Baker & Taylor

Love Satisfies : How to have infinite male multiple orgasms (Dry Orgasms, Energy Orgasms, and Tantric Sex)

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You can have the same wonderful, mind-blowing, and satisfying orgasms without ejaculating. Google it. Ejaculating and orgasms are two separate things. Google it. You can have either one without the other one. Many books teach how to have dry orgasms, also known as non-ejaculatory orgasms and male multiple orgasms.Why bother having orgasms without ejaculating? Because instead of going limp and falling asleep, you'll stay hard and full of energy. Why buy this particular book? Love Satisfies is a picture book. Creatively-drawn illustrations (one for every page of writing) teach dry orgasms. It's written at the fifth grade level - simple and easy to understand."Do dry orgasms feel the same?"Yes, you'll feel the same wonderful feelings of release. Your throbbing, pulsing, contractions just won't pump anything out."Will I still be able to ejaculate?"Yes, you'll ejaculate whenever you want to, but you probably won't want to.• Not ejaculating eliminates premature ejaculation. • Dry orgasms are more powerful than ejaculatory orgasms.• After a dry orgasm, there’s no letdown. I have 10,000 times more sexual energy.• After having ten orgasms in a row and withdrawing hard, I feel fantastic! I feel stronger, and I feel more alert. Not only am I better in bed, but I feel better in bed. I feel better out of bed too! Not only has my pleasure increased; my energy levels have also increased since learning to have non-ejaculatory orgasms. I can have sex all day long if I want to.• When I don’t ejaculate, my testosterone level increases. I sleep better, I heal faster, I think more clearly, and I can have all the sex I want. After sex, I feel satisfied instead of tired. Try it, you'll like it. Once a man tastes honey, he is no longer content to eat shi_.Don't believe me, experience dry orgasms for yourself. Experience all of the pleasure with none of the loss of energy. What on Earth are you waiting for?