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My Waltzing Egypt

Baker & Taylor

My Waltzing Egypt

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Kareem Mikhaeel, a non-Muslim, dwells in a land where shariaa'a-Islamic Law-continues to gain control over the people's hearts and lives. As a strapping college student, he struggles to obey three implicit rules dictated by Egypt's Islamic society: don't cross the notorious radicals known as the Islamic Group, don't talk negatively about "the prophet," and don't assist a Muslim's escape from Islam-or else. Now, only one place can protect Kareem from the Islamic Group. One place can hide him and his family from the cracking whip of Egypt's domestic intelligence agency. One place can free Kareem from the incomplete past that strangles his present. One place-America. But will Kareem's attempt to immigrate to the Land of the Free come too late-before his life is completely destroyed?