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Om Seed Sound Print 13" x 25"


Om Seed Sound Print 13" x 25"

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Vivid fuchsia print depicting the Sanskrit sound 壽◇撂_虂涛_韥涛蘝_蘝?涛蘝涛__涛_?涛蘝涛_涛蘝__涛蘝_?涛蘝涛_涛蘝_涛蘝涛___涛蘝涛__?涛蘝涛_涛蘝_涛蘝涛__涛蘝涛_涛蘝___涛蘝涛_涛蘝__?涛蘝涛_涛蘝_涛蘝涛__涛蘝涛_涛蘝__涛蘝涛_涛蘝_涛蘝涛___涛蘝涛_涛蘝_涛蘝涛__涛蘝涛_涛蘝___??Om壽◇撂_虂涛_韥涛蘝_蘝?涛蘝涛__涛_?涛蘝涛_涛蘝__涛蘝_?涛蘝涛_涛蘝_涛蘝涛___涛蘝涛__?涛蘝涛_涛蘝_涛蘝涛__涛蘝涛_涛蘝___涛蘝涛_涛蘝__?涛蘝涛_涛蘝_涛蘝涛__涛蘝涛_涛蘝__涛蘝涛_涛蘝_涛蘝涛____? with archival pigment