Peaceful Warrior : The Graphic Novel – Bodhi Tree
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Peaceful Warrior : The Graphic Novel

Baker & Taylor

Peaceful Warrior : The Graphic Novel

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Millman's self-improvement franchise gets a graphic novel treatment in this adaptation of his 1980 autobiographical novel, Way of the Peaceful Warrior. UC Berkeley gymnast Millman is the star of the team as they prepare for the NCAA national competition until his father's death causes him to lose focus. A strange dream leads him to a rundown gas station where he meets an enigmatic man he dubs Socrates, someone Dan swears he recognizes from a recent dream. Socrates urges Dan to consider his purpose in life and soon becomes the young man's spiritual teacher and mentor, with the help of a mysterious young woman named Joy. When an accident threatens to destroy Dan's gymnastics career, he must decide if he trusts Socrates and his unorthodox methods, which include fasts and mental, as well as physical, endurance tests. Socrates guides Dan on a journey to discover within himself not only his strengths as a gymnast but also as the Peaceful Warrior of the title. First time illustrator Winegarner capably brings Millman's age-old story of master and pupil to life on the page with a style that won't win any awards but tells the story cleanly." --Amazon.